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1. Witch hazel extract has an effect on anti-inflammation, antipruritic, wound healing and sedation. It is also used in producing personal health care.
2. Witch ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Cinnamon Oil
Synonyms: Cinnamon leaf oil
Other name: Cassia oil; Oleum cinnamomi

CAS Number: 8007-80-5
Appearance: Yellow or yellowish brown clear liquid with a spicy smell ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Clam juice concentrate

1, light color: Concentration (48± 2), salinity (16± 2)
2, dark color 50° : Concentration(50± 2), salinity ...
Min. Order: 1 KG

Protect vision, strengthen cerebrovascular;
Prevention of cardiovascular disease, prevent arteriosclerosis;
Prevent blood clots forming.
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1. We ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Kelp juice concentrate

1, w 45° : Concentration (45± 1), salinity (15± 2)
2, 40° : Concentration (40± 2), salinity (15± 2) ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Specification of pure pine bark extract, pine bark extract proanthocyanidins, pine bark extract powder

Product name pure pine bark extract

pure pine bark extract ...
Min. Order: 1 KG

1. Andrographolide plays an important role in anti pathogenic microorganism ...
Min. Order: 1 KG

Inulin 50%- 95% Inulin Chicory Extract, Chicory Extract. We can also offer other ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Borage oil

Character: Light yellow to yellow oily liquid, with unique aroma from borage seed
Specification: R linen Acid: 20%
Acid value: 1.0 meKOAH/kg
Ester: 0.1%
Source: ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Silkworm Pupa Amino Acids
Other name: Silkworm Chrysalis Amino Acids

Product Definition:
Taking degreased silkworm chrysalis as raw materials, water-solubility compound amino ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Evening Primrose Oil
Character: Light yellow to yellow clear liquid, with unique smell from primrose.
Source: Pure natural month saw grass seed
Relative density: 0.9102~0.9301 ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Sericin Powder

Product Definition:
Sericin powder is the colloid protein wrapping in the outer layer of silk. It is a kind of yellowish powder and is soluble in water, whose ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Prevention of the fat deposition from cardiovascular system, Prevention of collagen disease.etc.
1. Lower blood sugar
2. Anti-aging
3. Prevent constipation
4. ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Wheat Germ Powder

Appearance: Light yellow to brown powder.
Protein(*6.25, dry basis): ≥ 30.0%
Fat: ≤ 1.5%
Moisture: ≤ 10.0%
Assay (HPLC): ≥ 40.0%
Sieve ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Soybean peptides powder

Color: White, pale yellow, yellow
Odor: With unique taste and smell of this product
Crude protein (on dry basis, N * 6.25): NLT 90.0%, NLT 85.0%, NLT ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Brown Rice Powder
Other name: Puffed brown rice flour; Germinated brown rice powder; Brown rice protein powder.
Latin Name: Oryza sativa L.

Appearance: Beige fine powder ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Synonyms: Velardon; Vermizym

C. A. S number: 9001-73-4
EINECS: 232-627-2
Powder: Enzyme Activity: 60TU/mg-1750TU/mg
Liquid: Enzyme Activity: 60TU/mg-800TU/mg ...
Min. Order: 1 kg
Non-Dairy Creamer (for Coffee, Milk tea, Cereal, Baking, and others)

It is white or creamy powder dried by spray with excellent fluidity and stability. It is ...
Min. Order: 1 KG

Efficacy :
Regulating neural stability, which included mild sedative and antianxiety ...
Min. Order: 1 KG

Molecular Formula: C40H56O2
Molecular Weight: 568.88
CAS Number: 144-68-3
Appearance: Nacarat powder
Herb Source: Marigold Flower Extract
Active Ingredient: ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Ox Bile Powder
Other name: Bile extract

Appearance: Yellow brown to brown powder
Active: Cholic Acid
Assay (HPLC): 40.0~45.0%
Molecular Formula: C24H40O5
Molecular Weight: ...
Min. Order: 1 KG

Phycocyanin is a kind of dark blue powder isolated from spirulina, colour and lustre is beautiful. It is a kind of protein, also an excellent natural ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Psoralea corylifolia Extract
Latin name: Fructus Psoraleae

Appearance: Brown Yellow Fine Powder
Part Used: Seed
Active Ingredient: Psoralen, Isopsoralen
Specification: 10: 1 ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Vital Wheat Gluten
Other name: Glutens, Vital Gluten, Wheat Gluten, Gluten from wheat.

Appearance: Light Yellow Powder
Taste and smell: Normal taste, grain sweet smell
Water ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Dipsacus Root Powder Extract
Latin name: Radix Dipsaci
Other name: Dipsacus Japonicus Mip.

Appearance: Yellow Brown Fine Powder
Part Used: Root
Specification: 10: 1
Test ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Gardenia oil

Botanical Referance: Gardenia Grandiflora
Color and Appearance: Yellow liquid
Odor: Fresh green floral odor with sweet undertone

Gardenia oil ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Gorgon fruit extract
Latin name: Semen Euryales

Appearance: Brown-yellow powder
Part Used: Seed
Specification: 10: 1
Test Method: TLC
Storage: Store in sealed containers at ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
High quality Carrot Extract/ 1%-30%Beta-Carotene

1. Character Taproot thickened, elongate terete or clavate, fleshy, reddish, reddish-yellow, or yellow. The root is widely ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
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